Why I'm Not Standing as an Independent

I have written previously about my views on Independent Candidates claims to be keeping 'politics out of policing.'  I have a confession to make, in the run up to standing as PCC for Cumbria I did consider this option very carefully.

Being Independent is Not a qualification to be PCC

As we run up to the election for PCC on 5 May, I want to address the ‘Old Chestnut’ which will no doubt be trotted out by those claiming to be Independent that politics should be kept out of policing, indeed locally some are on record as stating that they believe that the old Police Authority should be reinvented.

Zero Tolerance for Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

Zero Tolerance is easy to use as a 'sound bite' - it needs to be much more than this, for me Zero Tolerance means that if you commit Crime or Anti Social Behaviour of any sort, there will be consequences, something must happen.  Whether it is drunken hooligans in the town centre, rural theft, burglary or anything else criminals must know that we will do something about it.  The range of sanctions can run from warning to restorative justice through to prosecution through the courts, whatever is appropriate but doing nothing, is not an option.